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Maschere e bassorilieviTo be able to share feelings and hopes, it is essential to know very well the characteristics of a human being. To understand a human being it is necessary to have experienced the world, both in its human ecology side as well as in its sociological aspect, for the story and the passage they determine, as they are unavoidable coordinates, thoughts and destiny of men and women. In order to do this, it is necessary to have a clear intent and a vision of path. Without dwelling on the necessary ability when approaching different projects, all of international nature: that is, knowing love, being able to nourish it and to offer it. All these requirements, together with a wide international experience, make up a complex puzzle, yet quite linear in its meaning, a rainbow of messages and tales that originate from one single idea combining art and fashion, in the viewpoint of living life to the fullest. This puzzle speaks to us and tells us the story of Johannes Genemans. A man fond of reading and culture, which he has lived and shared. For years, he has granted his experience and ability of choice and orientation to the entrepreneurial sector, providing results and sensitivity yet unknown to a world of fashion that celebrates numbers rather than quality and research. The starting point of Johannes Genemans was the observation of remote places and the desire to let others experience the feelings connected to environments, while living in a reality much different both substantially and in its expression. So this is how the story of this entrepreneur began, who brought to the world his shoes, highlighting a rather unusual mix of elegance and slickness, together with the love for the countries which he was inspired by. This originated a range of lines in which Genemans vision finds space and perspective.

Maschere e bassorilievi  Maschere e bassorilievi  Maschere e bassorilievi

And so the shoe, from a simple means, became history, tradition, necessity. But Johannes went beyond that, where his ultimate vision was to combine craftsmanship with fashion, with art. So he plays the role of an entrepreneur, still inevitably retaining his sensitive spirit which is able to discover adventures in foreign countries that can only be fully grasped by wearing those new garments. Johannes Genemans’ shoes live a life of their own, made of timeless emotions, scents, sensations, and even flavours of those remote lands, capable of bringing in the daily urban life a savage, indomitable, extraordinary aspect, typical of a landscape, of an ordinary day, of a new continent, of a new adventure. But which entrepreneurial charcteristics does Johannes Genemans have? Definetely the desire and the need to attribute to our artist the curiosity of a synthesis of the human kind, which presents substantial differences, but is united by communion. And thanks to the latter, we experience love and the desire to live peacefully together and to learn new realities, traditions and cultures from each other. All this has as denominator an act of love, in a search in everyday life, which brings that sometimes rare and incredibly vague feeling of coexistence in our society. And whenever this entrepreneur shows the combination of taste, respect for other cultures, real interest in the human being, he trasforms his activity in an artistic and scientific research, and the business vision inevitably changes to the conveyance of a message of life. From spiritual master, Johannes Genemans becomes art master; from interpreter of taste and promoter of handcrafted quality he becomes maker and director of pure art. And so the business enterprise becomes culture, and the love for knowledge becomes passion for the conveyance of a message, of an idea, of a statement of life. It is a small step on a clear path: from the concept of phisical steps of a person in an environment, to the realization of communion through love for the others, of a journey among the continents, respecting the differences as a resource and a reflection of a common love, that can bring life to a higher level. Sculpting becomes the most beautiful adventure, the most emotional growth, the journey of a life that has much to tell. As a master, he turns and reconnects to ancient sculpting, both in the study and in the fulfillment, aware that that is the only possible way to a new era and new feelings.

Maschere e bassorilievi  Maschere e bassorilievi  Maschere e bassorilievi

So his works, his installations are born, in which women of different counries and continents take shape. His work is characterized by the ability to combine art with fashion, where luxury becomes a culture subject and a means of expression. The field of application changes, and his search matures: everything is originated by this great desire of love, which can foster encounter and communication, and where time is overruled by the eternal idea of an art that is heart and soul, disclosure and reflection, teaching and contribution. His message encompasses the spheres of sensitivity, where the respect and the affection for the environment are the basis of the idea of an art aesthetics that goes beyond fashion, to become the integration of nature and human condition. And so the Arabic woman materializes side by side the European woman, and the entrepreneurial message of quality becomes a search, shared and alive. An effective synthesis of this can be found in the monumental sculptures of Apollo e Venere, that decorate the Italian coast. Here he reaches the people with a message, he reunites the love for culture with the love for the environment; here the beauty of Venere becomes strength and prestige in the eyes of the God of the sun, an Apollo which is almost symbolic for Johannes Genemans, who has transformed an entrepreneurial project into real art, and was able to witness the human greatness among the wrinkles of the costumes and of the expressions of the soul.

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