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Terracotta - GessoIn this series of sculptures “Flowers opening”, Johannes Genemans tells of his research, begun many years ago, for the styling of a ‘Made in Italy’ fashion collection undertaken by him. An authentic ode to birth; to life. An ode to that most beautiful time that every person goes through during their existence. Each work in the series of sculptures is made in plaster, and then painted using the fresco technique. This is an age-old technique that was used mostly inside ancient churches. The plaster walls of these sacred religious places were frescoed by the skilful hands of the painters of those times. Genemans takes us on a journey of remembrance. A journey on which, through his poetic sculptural visions, he takes us back to that romantic land, made of a beauty that is both emotional and moving. He leads us off to those gardens of heavenly paradise, where we find the love of life and the fragrance of “flowers opening”. This series of sculptures is made up of low and high reliefs, but also 360 degree sculptures. The relationship/love between a woman and her child is studied. The concept of beauty is surely what dominates in these works. A beauty that leads to those enchanted places where love reigns. For Johannes Genemans, the works of Antonio Canova and the paintings of Giovanni Boldini and Helena Lam have provided great inspiration for this series of sculptures. Johannes draws his inspiration from them above all in the vision of statuesque bodies which nevertheless convey deep emotions. The Master decides to create eternal masterpieces. Masterpieces that have the firm intention of remaining well established in time.

Terracotta - Gesso  Terracotta - Gesso  Terracotta - Gesso

Terracotta - GessoMasterpieces that are very often hosted permanently, in public places, institutions and museums. The concept of great beauty in art is a recurring concept. It is a concept which Genemans however translates into a sculptural and poetic guise. During my career I have encountered a variety of sculptors. I can state with confidence that the living creatures, which is how I define the works of Genemans, the Master, are the most significant works on the international sculpture panorama. Anyone coming face to face with them cannot fail to be moved. The observer is literally enraptured by the harmony of the shape and the fine quality of the content. Every sculpture tells a story. The story told in this series of sculptures is the story of beauty and of a woman’s love for her children. Like the most inspired of the Demiurges, Johannes traces the guidelines of a sculptural art which, unfortunately, today is embarking upon very dangerous paths. The lines traced by the Master are paths that lead to the true beauty of sculpture. A beauty to be preserved and protected. A beauty that must not be destroyed by those who today call themselves “reformers of sculptural art”, where by the term reformer they endeavour to make us believe that sculptural art must be of a conceptual nature rather than to enhance beauty. The true strength of Johannes Genemans lies in his great compositional wisdom. Each sculpture is a genuine monument, to be placed in town squares or in the most important art venues. The Master sculpts true poetry in sculpture. His rhymes are dictated by the harmonious shapes that make up his celebrated works; a poet who writes with plaster. He is a poet who, through the technique of fresco on plaster, gives the world masterpieces, destined to conquer the transience of a tyrannical time.

Terracotta - Gesso  Terracotta - Gesso  Terracotta - Gesso

A time that sees its temples and places of religion and culture destroyed. Genemans, bequeaths the beauty of his time; of our time. A beauty to be sought and then captured, in a sculptural composition, to be passed on to posterity. The path of the Master is a path made up of countless successes. Art is sweat and sacrifice. Art must always be respected; only in this way can we expect respect from Art. Johannes Genemans has sculpted a type of sublime beauty with a strong accent on romance, which today we curators, critics and Art professionals have the duty, nay the obligation, to pass on to future generations.

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