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Observing a work of art and experiencing an emotional feeling means that what you are admiring releases the so called “quid”, which is able to engage the senses and nail you in front of the representation (being it a sculpture or a painting), mesmerized by the effectiveness of its execution.

Marmo - Resina  Marmo - Resina  Marmo - Resina

This is the case of the sculptural artwork of Johannes Genemans, whose work sticks out in the contemporary art scene. His artistic sensitivity is oriented towards the existential essence of the human body and, with masterful sculpting execution, he enhances its beauty, in the sense of the spiritual essence of every aspect of nature, hence of man too.

Marmo - Resina  Marmo - Resina  Marmo - Resina

The sculptor, in the creation process, visualises his creature with the eyes of the mind and then brings it to life through harmony between emotional impulses and expressive force, which is evident in the faces of his characters.

Marmo - Resina  Marmo - Resina  Marmo - Resina

His sculptures, even though they recall traditional standards, are pervaded by a personal style and are originated by that turmoil of feelings that produce art works based on real values, such as feelings and poetry, which are undubtly the ingredients of the wisdom of a talented artist.

Anna Francesca Biondolillo (Art critic)




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Emozione d'Arte

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