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Johannes Genemans, sculptor with Dutch origins, creates statuesque bodies that recall a certain classicism, of form and technical perfection. In his works, he strives for a visual, emotional impact, rather than for story telling.

Trofei e piccoli bronzi  Trofei e piccoli bronzi  Trofei e piccoli bronzi

His sculpting is a sanctification of beauty, of spontaneous and carnal nudity, as spokesperson of a purely Italian ideal with a stronger idealising, rather than representative intent.

Trofei e piccoli bronzi  Trofei e piccoli bronzi  Trofei e piccoli bronzi

As an artist with great method and technical knowledge, he offers art produced by a rational choice of the materials to be be sculpted, and of the clever play with matter. His sculptures are a poetic summary of classicism, with references to the best Italian sculptural tradition.

Josè Van Roy Dalì (Art critic - Barcelona ES)




Design Marmo Resina Terracotta – Gesso

Trofei e piccoli bronzi Maschere e Bassorilievi Bronzi


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